Use this guide to start a conversation with your doctor about effective pain relief from a gout attack.


What Triggers a Gout Attack?

A buildup of uric acid is what causes gout. But what exactly triggers gout attacks? They sometimes occur for no apparent reason. Yet, sometimes there may be a trigger, such as alcohol, certain medicines, another illness, or stressful events.

Other Known Gout Triggers Include:

  • Joint injury
  • Surgery
  • Eating too much of certain foods
  • Crash diets
  • Infection

Uric Acid-Lowering Medications: A Gout Trigger?

Believe it or not, uric acid-lowering medications can trigger a gout attack by causing a rapid lowering of uric acid levels. An attack can also be triggered if your doctor switches you from one uric acid-lowering medication to another. Your doctor will likely discuss this with you and may suggest a treatment to help prevent this from happening.

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