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Gout Symptoms in Big Toe

Managing Gout Long Term

Decreasing your uric acid to the recommended target level (less than 6 mg/dL) is the goal for managing gout over the long term. Talk with your doctor about steps you can take to help you. Remember, over time high uric acid can lead to attacks that are more severe, last longer and occur more often.

An effective gout treatment program should have both short- and long-term goals, which aim to:

  • reduce the pain of gout attacks
  • prevent painful future attacks
  • lower high uric acid to a healthy level
  • make diet or lifestyle changes, such as avoiding certain
    foods and getting regular exercise

Talk with your doctor about a comprehensive treatment plan. The best plan for you may include making healthy lifestyle changes, taking pain medications when you're having an attack, and having your uric acid levels monitored by your doctor. Your plan may also include taking medication to help lower your uric acid level.

Remember, the goal is to manage your gout more effectively, both short- and long-term.

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